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Started as a hobby and a common goal to elevate the card community



Created and delivered over 10,000 playing cards worldwide. We strive to bring positive influence to our card community.


We aim to further elevate playing card image to the next level through our unique, out of the box and innovative approach to playing cards.


Unique playing cards featuring custom artworks and designs that are heavily influenced by historical figures, folklore, and ancient civilizations. We aim to push the boundary of playing cards and introducing unique innovative decks in coming future.

Crafting beautiful decks since 2017, we're a team of five individuals from Singapore, consisting of artist, designer, and engineers. Our diverse unique background is the soul of the projects' unique ideas.


Contact us on any questions or issue with you order.

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Authorised Vendor of Murphy Magic USA

  • What is this puzzle quest about?
    The puzzles comes from Immortal Playing Cards. You have the option to play the integrated puzzle or just use the playing cards as a stunning collection, as it should. In the puzzle, you will play as a demigod and solve all the mysteries. Upon completion, a reward will be given to you. Ultimately, it is important for everyone to have fun. Happy solving!
  • What do i need to complete the quest?
    To complete the quest, all you need is a complete set of Immortal Playing Cards; Zeus Edition, Poseidon Edition and Hades Edition. Decipher the symbols, clues and quotes. Together with a little bit of imagination and intelligence, you will complete the puzzles. An online connection is required to complete some of the tasks.
  • Where can i get more hints?
    Main hints are given in each deck of Immortal Playing Cards. To assist you in the completion of the quest, a new hint will be released time to time on Instagram. Check it out @purelyidea
  • How long do i have to complete all the quest?
    You will have estimated about 2 months from the shipping date of the Immortal Playing Cards. Do not worry, it is long enough for you to complete it!
  • What happen if i finished the puzzle quest?
    When you completed the quest, you will be redirected for a final puzzle. At this stage, your shipping address is required for us to send you a special reward.
  • Can i have multiple stacking rewards?
    No, every Kickstarter backer are only entitled to one entry. A special individual code will be given to each backer. These codes are to be used for reward collection.
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