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Hello DemiGod, you are finally here.

Who are you looking for today?

get more hints on instagram @purelyidea

notes: all rewards have been claimed. PLEASE USE DESKTOP ONLY

  • What is this puzzle quest about?
    The puzzles comes from Immortal Playing Cards. You have the option to play the integrated puzzle or just use the playing cards as a stunning collection, as it should. In the puzzle, you will play as a demigod and solve all the mysteries. Upon completion, a reward will be given to you. Ultimately, it is important for everyone to have fun. Happy solving!
  • What do i need to complete the quest?
    To complete the quest, all you need is a complete set of Immortal Playing Cards; Zeus Edition, Poseidon Edition and Hades Edition. Decipher the symbols, clues and quotes. Together with a little bit of imagination and intelligence, you will complete the puzzles. An online connection is required to complete some of the tasks.
  • Where can i get more hints?
    Main hints are given in each deck of Immortal Playing Cards. To assist you in the completion of the quest, a new hint will be released time to time on Instagram. Check it out @purelyidea
  • How long do i have to complete all the quest?
    You will have estimated about 2 months from the shipping date of the Immortal Playing Cards. Do not worry, it is long enough for you to complete it!
  • What happen if i finished the puzzle quest?
    When you completed the quest, you will be redirected for a final puzzle. At this stage, your shipping address is required for us to send you a special reward.
  • Can i have multiple stacking rewards?
    No, every Kickstarter backer are only entitled to one entry. A special individual code will be given to each backer. These codes are to be used for reward collection.


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