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Last Empire

Premium Playing Cards

100 Print Run - Limited Edition

Launched on 2018


Last Empire is an art and history driven concept featuring four vastly different civilizations that are Rome, Persia, China and Britons. 

All of which are represented by renowned and notable kings, queens and warriors of their own respective civilizations in the form of a monochromatic design. 

Using the hierarchy of shapes and patterns we aim to create interesting visuals that enhances the character and presence of each card.


Every card is specially designed individually and features different characters, history and culture. The spade features the Britons, the diamond features Rome, the Jack features the Chinese while the hearts features the Persians.


The tuck box is designed to bring off the idea and essence of medieval warfare which is in-tune with the design concept for all our card designs. The inspiration for the box design stems from the idea and arrangement of chess pieces for the back cover. While the design for the front is inspired by the designs of war banners most notably the Briton war banners.

To see the full project campaign, Click Here

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