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Prepare to set sail on a pirate quest with a Treasure-Hunt puzzle based Playing Card!

Inspired from the legendary " Golden Age of Piracy ", with captivating characters representing two factions - the Majestic Royals and the Daring pirates.

All aboard! Brace yourself for a thrilling adventure with this premium Playing Card Decks.


High Quality Playing Cards. Made by Purelyidea.
© 2023 Old World Playing Cards

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100% full

custom illustration


puzzle game

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Embossed &

foiling on

tuck box

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metallic gild

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Full foiling on card back

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Argh! The Old World Playing Card deck is no ordinary set of cards...

But a treasure hunt of adventure, with a hidden bounty just waiting to be claimed by the bravest among you.

Immerse yourself in the captivating World of Pirates and their Golden Age, and Uncover the Puzzle that lies within these decks


For within these decks be hidden hints, clues and messages concealed for you to discover. Use your wits and solve the puzzle! 

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The "Old World" playing cards are a captivating series inspired by the Golden Era of Pirates


Featuring three unique decks, each represents a dofferent adventure in the life of a pirate

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Dawn of Pirate Golden Era, where the world of piracy was still full of the unknown. The overgrown plants represents the unchartered territories that lay ahead, transporting you back to a time where pirates were just starting to explore the high seas

Gradient Background


Great deck does not stop at the tuck. Vitrum's cards will be fully customized with unique art style.

Portraying court characters in full sideview.


Custom Design Throughout

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Abstract Lines


Chip print run for 21st century

Vitrum numbering uses a digital chip, that can be scanned using any Smart phone.

Immortalized your name or encode your love's one into the deck and turn Mosaic into a generational gift.

Tap your phone and it's done!

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Black Fabric


Check it out! Other Vitrum LED collectors images from the community.

 Not Edited and Gorgeous as it is in Real Life.

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Made by PurelyIdea. One of a Kind, High Quality Playing Cards

Shipping Details: All order will be shipped within three business days. A tracking code will be sent to your designated mail.

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Vitrum. All artwork, logo, design and finishes are made by PurelyIdea. © 2022 Vitrum LED Series


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