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Vitrum is glass in Latin Roman. The deck based on an art style originated from the ancient roman, done by joining broken tiles to form a picture. Most noticeable design are commonly made from colorful glasses and displayed beautifully at worship places. 

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Innovative? Modern Deck with a touch of the past? Well it is both! Vitrum is a perfect deck to symbolize the transition of this beautiful ancient art style transformed into a truly innovative 21st century modern deck!

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Already had the first vitrum series?


You need this The last of the Vitrum series to complete your set. Made with ionised golden metal plate with refined micro-texture, for better looks and collection worthy display.

The Diamond and Club of Vitrum LED is the last of its series!


All Vitrum decks has a docking port. Allowing all day direct power to the deck, included Free in the Collector Box

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The Tuck of Vitrum is a statement of true Innovation. It is a master-piece born with joint effort of multiple disciplinary experts from their own field; artist and engineers releasing a new class of tuck case that is Modern and Luxurious

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Vitrum's Tuck took one whole year to develop. Manufactured with precision mould-ing for the tuck's base, high-powered CNC lasers for the mosaic stainless steel plate, then finally putting all of the electronic together carefully by hand before applying our signature RFID numbering sticker.

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Vitrum Deck is a simplicity meets beauty. A concept of mosaic tiles upgraded and embedded into a new class tuck. Embossment effect done with stainless steel glossy plate resembling the classic pattern. Large tiles as exterior and smaller tiles as suit to really pops the design

Vitrum decks created to have powered LED integrated into the deck's exterior. The beautiful mosaic pattern creates a bold impression that is pleasing to the eyes, perfect as your focus point for collection display. 

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Great Deck comes with Great Arts! All courts are illustrated of glass fragment art theme, featuring four civilisation depicted in a mosaic tiles style background with bold artwork to create beautiful characters.


Starting from Samurai Shoguns, Colonial Era inspired from Pirate of Caribbean, Classic Medieval Kingdom and Ancient Aztec Empire

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We claim this to be innovative and different! and we meant it!


All Vitrum will be given a special seal from 1 to 400. Our numbered seal has chip integration that are read-able visually as well as via phone, positioned inside-interior of the opening flap of the deck

This numbering chip requires a special assembly process, that has to be done individually, especially with such an exclusive print run. Numbering will be randomized to be fair!



Series label are made custom size to fit into the interior flap of the deck. Each NFC label are programmed individually according to your series


Now you can visually see your deck series as usual. Tap your phone and you can see further insight of your deck’s information or even ownership.


Check out how the numbering chip will work on simple device like Your Phone. The deck works with any NFC app. 

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Vitrum card's back are designed with not only collector in mind but cardistry purpose. We heard you! Full clean edges and centered piece for great spins and shuffles.

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The center piece is designed to resembles a perfectly symmetrical wheel with one single point at the center. The 'blade' will be covered in metallic ink, creating an illusion of continuity spinning fan when doing cardistry show.

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No other card's design are left behind! All Numbers and Aces are meticulously well designed to compliment the overall theme

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All Vitrum Aces are designed to suit the glass-fragment theme. Each aces has gorgeous suit-signed below, printed and crafted digitally by our artist. All decks will be gilded accordingly.

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Made by PurelyIdea. One of a Kind, High Quality Playing Cards

Shipping Details: All order will be shipped within three business days. A tracking code will be sent to your designated mail.

Vitrum. All artwork, logo, design and finishes are made by PurelyIdea. © 2022 Vitrum LED Series


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